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The Best Construction Accounting Software for 2023

We've looked at features, pricing, user experience, and helped thousands of construction firms choose the right accounting software.

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Top Accounting Software for Construction

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Construction Accounting Software Reviews 

CMiC (Best Overall)

Best Overall

CMiC is an excellent all-around software for your construction accounting and financial management needs. CMiC’s construction-specific accounting systems include core functionality around budgeting, corporate and project forecasting, general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Further, CMiC includes robust tools for project management, human capital management, and asset management. CMiC combines all of the business’s data into a single database that allows users to generate a variety of sophisticated reports that help shed light on project costs and minimize potential risks.

CMiC is offered as both a cloud-based and on-premise solution. With either option, CMiC is able to provide in-depth training to help facilitate the transition to the new system. CMiC also has a strong customer support operation and an extensive library of on-demand reference materials for users to answer questions or troubleshoot themselves.

CMiC also has the benefit of being a scalable solution, just as useful for small construction businesses as it is for larger organizations—and with hundreds of customers at different sizes in the market. While you need to contact CMiC for pricing information, CMiC is a highly customizable solution and its different options for features and deployment help ensure that you can scale it to your business’s needs.

CMiC’s focus on and deep knowledge of the construction industry, strong collection of features, flexibility, and appropriateness for companies of all sizes make it our Best Overall pick.

QuickBooks for Construction (Best Small Contractor Accounting Software)

Best for Small Contractors

While QuickBooks isn’t specifically for construction accounting, they do offer enough capabilities with their general accounting modules that small contractors can use their software. QuickBooks is much less expensive than the other software on this list and might be a good fit for companies with a smaller number of employees and projects who usually have predictable job costs. QuickBooks offers two tiers of pricing:

  • Plus – $35 for the first three months and then $70 per month after.
  • Advanced – $75 for the first three months and then $150 per month after.

Advanced offers more capabilities like batching invoices and bills, automating workflows, and on-demand training for the software. Payroll is an additional feature that can be added on for $22.50 flat with $4 per employee per month for Core, $37.50 flat with $8 per employee per month for Premium, and $62.50 flat with $10 per employee per month for Elite. With Plus, a customer can have five users included in the monthly fee, although up to 25 additional users can be bought as the company scales up. For small companies, that should be more than enough to cover the employees who need to access the software.

Most editions of QuickBooks are cloud-based, which means that they can be run on any device with an internet connection, updates are immediately available for installation, and upgrades from one edition of QuickBooks to another are simple. Once you change your subscription, you can download the next edition. QuickBooks also integrates with many other software programs, so it is easy to use QuickBooks when you want to bring in data from other programs.

Another benefit to QuickBooks is the easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface. Customizing reports, entering invoices, and connecting bank accounts for simplified transactions are all streamlined in QuickBooks. For people without a need for complex financial reporting, QuickBooks makes accounting simple. 

For all of these reasons, we have chosen QuickBooks as the Best Accounting Software for Small Contractors.

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (Best for Construction Accounting & Project Management)

Best for Accounting & Project Management

With thousands of customers, Sage 300 CRE is one of the most prominent tools available on the market, supporting complex financial management needs for midsize and large construction firms. Sage 300 CRE distinguishes itself with a full suite of features that include sophisticated accounting tools and reports for job costing, payroll and HR, and billing and invoicing, along with features for estimating, document management, project management, and business intelligence. Sage also has a well-regarded customer support team who can help ensure that your business makes the best use of Sage 300 CRE’s many tools and features.

Sage 300 CRE’s comprehensive tools come at a fairly high price, which means that it may not be a good fit for smaller companies. While exact pricing will depend on factors specific to your business, Sage 300 CRE can easily cost thousands of dollars per year between implementation and ongoing subscription fees. But for larger companies with complex operations who are looking for some of the most comprehensive accounting and financial management tools in the industry, Sage 300 CRE is an excellent choice.

Sage 100 Contractor (Best Midsize Contractor Accounting Software)

Best for Midsize Contractors

Formerly known as Sage Master Builder, Sage 100 Contractor is a popular choice for smaller and midsize construction firms. Sage 100 Contractor offers many essential features for construction accounting software, like job costing, work-in-progress reporting, certified payroll, and change order management. Modules are also available for other important functionalits for your construction business, including estimating and project management.

Sage 100 Contractor is a good choice for construction professionals who are upgrading from a general accounting software program like QuickBooks to their first construction-specific accounting solution. Reviewers find that Sage 100 Contractor offers quick implementation and good customer service and high-quality user training that make the transition easy.

Sage 100 Contractor’s focus on small and medium-sized businesses also means that its cost is relatively affordable compared to more comprehensive solutions on the market. Companies should contact Sage for precise information about pricing structure. For businesses, just looking for a cloud-only accounting solution from Sage, Sage Intacct Construction could also be a good option to consider.

Between Sage 100 Contractor’s strong array of essential accounting features and the ease of implementing and transitioning from a general accounting system, we recommend Sage 100 Contractor as the Best Accounting Software for Midsize Contractors.



Started in 1985, FOUNDATION is one of the best construction accounting software vendors available. FOUNDATION offers robust features with a wide range of modules for businesses of all sizes. Like many other construction accounting software options, FOUNDATION’s base modules include job costing, payroll, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and purchase order/subcontractor management.

FOUNDATION goes further with the comprehensiveness of additional modules for project management, scheduling, inventory and equipment tracking, document imaging, and many other aspects of construction financial management. Another benefit of FOUNDATION is its integration with DataGenie, which strengthens FOUNDATION’s functionality around reporting. FOUNDATION offers a number of predefined reports, but DataGenie offers the ability to easily customize and design your own reports.

FOUNDATION is also well-regarded for its customer service, with industry expertise, quick response times, and helpfulness in resolving problems. With so many different features and modules available, this customer support can help you and your team members make sure that you are maximizing the software.

FOUNDATION’s customizability means that its pricing will vary according to your specific needs. You should contact a FOUNDATION sales representative to help determine which modules are right for you and get a quote for your customized package.

FOUNDATION’s strong features and customer service make it one of our leading picks for construction accounting software.

Jonas Enterprise (Best for Enterprise Customers)

Best for Enterprise Customers

For large companies looking to add construction accounting software that will meet the complex business needs of multiple simultaneous projects running in various states and localities, Jonas Enterprise is a good pick. Jonas Enterprise is tailored toward commercial construction companies. In addition to the essential job costing elements included in construction accounting software, Jonas Enterprise also has modules suited to general contracting and specialized building trades alike.

Jonas Enterprise can be installed on-premise with a Windows operating system or as a cloud-based service, depending on the company’s preference. They offer a variety of training during implementation like training videos, lectures, webinars, and documentation. They also have 24/7 customer support hotlines and email support.

Jonas Enterprise can be costly, with an implementation fee of $20,000 and per-user subscription costs of $200 per month or more. However, as a comprehensive solution for many aspects of construction management, Jonas Enterprise is a worthwhile pick for larger companies and our choice for Best for Enterprise Customers.

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