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Today, construction professionals have many technologies available to them to assist with virtually every aspect of the construction business, including takeoff, estimating, bidding, project management, accounting, and field service management, to name a few.

Our collection of software guides were created to help contractors, commercial developers, and project owners understand and compare the best construction technology available to them. Choose one of the guides below to begin learning about the best software for construction professionals.

Field Service Management Software

The Best Field Service Management Software for 2023

Any business that works in field service knows the challenges that come with managing a whole team of technicians working multiple jobs at different locations every day. To keep back office staff, field technicians, and customers happy, it’s important to…

Construction Accounting Software

The Best Construction Accounting Software for 2023

Accounting is an essential aspect of running any type of business, but it is especially important in construction. In fact, it’s been said that “Construction companies are really accounting companies that just happen to build buildings.” Each individual project in…

Property management software

The Best Property Management Software for 2023

Property management is an essential aspect of owning rental property. To maintain proper records of their units, landlords or property managers must schedule routine maintenance, collect rent, and keep track of their tenants. There are many great software solutions designed…

construction management

The Best Construction Project Management Software for 2023

Construction project management is no simple task. To effectively manage a job, you must keep teams on schedule, stay within budget, ensure quality, and maintain a safe work environment. Fortunately, there are a number of software applications—known as construction project…

Takeoff Software

The Best Takeoff Software for Construction in 2023

Construction takeoff is a necessary step toward estimating costs in a construction project. Contractors and project managers use blueprints to calculate the quantity and dimensions of materials and supplies needed for the project. That information is then used in cost…

Estimating Software

The Best Estimating Software for Construction in 2023

Construction estimating is an important step in every construction project. In order to accurately gauge the cost of a construction project, general contractors or builders must create detailed cost estimates, schedules, and construction plans. Luckily, there are many fantastic software…