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About Construction Coverage

About Us

Managing construction projects can feel like a juggling act. Managing contractors, equipment, materials, and liabilities is no easy task. Luckily, many solutions exist to help construction businesses manage their projects and liabilities. But finding the right solutions can take an enormous amount of time, energy, and money. Researching different products can mean hours of Googling, reading forums, and comparing products. Furthermore, choosing the wrong technology, insurance, or other solutions can lead to even more wasted time and money.

Construction Coverage helps businesses cut through the noise and save time in their search for construction solutions. We research technology and insurance companies and distill what we’ve learned into the most relevant information for companies who need it.

Who We Are

Construction Coverage was started by a small group of technology and finance experts with a desire to help businesses in the construction industry. Our guides, research, and reviews are created with the goal of helping the buyer find the right solution for their business. We avoid marketing lingo and hype, providing direct language and level-headed analysis of the most viable products for construction businesses.

What We Do

Reviews and Research

We provide easy-to-read, trustworthy reviews of solutions for the construction industry, primarily software, financial products, and insurance. Our goal is to help buyers rapidly narrow down their options to the most likely fit. We also provide plenty of information to help the reader understand the market and the decision at a deeper level.

We also offer thoughtful analysis and data-driven research of industry trends, to help construction managers make wise business decisions.

How We Find and Review the Best Solutions

No one product can be the “best” solution for every business or use case. Construction firms managing single projects will surely have different needs from a large enterprise building multiple apartment complexes in different cities. We strive to match every business to the best solution to fit their unique needs.

To do this, we begin with a broad evaluation of the full spectrum of products that make up an industry (Construction Accounting Software, Construction Insurance, Construction Estimating Solutions, etc.). We read guides, reviews, and forums from across the web to gather a complete understanding of the space. We find the experts and industry authorities to find their top recommendations.

Next, we distill what we’ve learned to narrow the list of solutions to only the best, according to the experts, reviews, and forums. With this narrowed list of products, we take a deep dive into each. We evaluate their pros and cons, features, and limitations. We assess each product (or company) with various use cases in mind so that we can provide specific and actionable insights about each offering.

Lastly, we revisit each product category at least once per year, so we can offer the most up-to-date analysis of the space. Technology changes rapidly, so even the best products can become outdated.

Our business hinges on credibility, and how useful each review is to you. We promise to tell the story of what we’ve found in a way that’s worth your time, so you can get what you need and get on with your day.

How We Perform Data-Driven Analysis

The construction industry is comprised of many moving parts. And there is no shortage of speculation surrounding the industry’s future. When we do analysis of industry trends, we start with the most accurate, reliable, and trustworthy data sources. After all, any analysis can only be as good as the data behind it. From there, we do our own number crunching, searching for real insights that aren’t obvious in the base data. We never jump to conclusions or exaggerate the meaning of the insights we find, and we are always very clear with our methodology for every piece of research.

Full Disclosure

Some of our recommendations contain links, which generate affiliate revenue for Construction Coverage. If you follow through with a product purchase, we’ll sometimes earn a commission. We don’t let this affect our research. We speak only the truth and the whole truth in our reviews of any industry, and we don’t push for any products that aren’t the best in their category.

Contact Us

Need to get a hold of us with feedback, questions, or input on what we’re doing? Don’t hesitate to reach out by sending an email to info@constructioncoverage.com. Or send us a message through our contact form: