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Michael Stromberg is a part-time writer for Construction Coverage. Professionally, he is software developer with SS&C Advent who specializes in JavaScript and React. Before starting his career as a software developer, Michael was an R&D Engineer for 8 years with MMI Intriplex. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and an MA in Business Economics, each from University of California, Santa Barbara.Michael grew up in Pleasanton, California where he worked at a young age with his father on home construction projects and car repair. After college, Michael purchased, rehabbed, and sold a property in Santa Barbara. Currently, he lives in San Francisco, California.


Trends in Residential Real Estate Development

This page provides statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau Building Permits Survey. The data collected in this survey is meant to provide the public with data and information on new residential construction projects at local, state, and national levels. New Privately-Owned Housing Units by Size Since bottoming out in 2009, new residential real estate development ...

The Complete Guide to Construction Insurance in 2019

Understanding Construction Insurance There are many different types of insurance designed to protect property owners, developers, and contractors through the various phases of a construction project. In fact, certain types of construction insurance policies are required for many projects. In the sections below, we’ll review the basics of construction insurance, the most common types of ...